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The DSF 1000 is a front hopper which can contain up to 1000L and which can be combined with machines going from 3 to 4m.
The metering unit is in stainless steel with flutes.
The advantages of the DSF’s electric metering unit:
- Adjustment of the speed by electric motor and radar
- Electronic control case and management of the seeder
- Anticipated start-up
- Modulation of the amount of work
- Automatic throughput test

DSF 1000


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Hopper capacity: 1000 L
Pneumatic distribution of seeds by air flow
Speed determined by radar
Hydraulic driven fan, engine 6 cm³
Fan specifications:
- 180 / 200 bar
- P = 8,1kW
- 26 l/min
- Air pressure = 80-90 mB maxi.
Warning kit with reflective plates and lamps
Hopper width = 2,00 m
Seeding control computer «A-Controler»


Hopper Capacity (L) 1000 1000
Number of outlets 1X90 mm 2x70 mm
Weight (kg) 495
Flow rate (max.) 700 L/h
Distribution heads

1x10 or 16 or 24 (serial)

2x10 or 16 or 24 (option)

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