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The DSF 1 600 and 2 200 are front hoppers with respective capacities of 1 600 liters and 2 200 and an ISOBUS compatibility.

They can be compartmentalized to allow the fertilizer at planting.

The metering unit is in stainless steel with flutes. The shape of the hopper from above has been specially designed for optimal visibility for the driver.

The advantages of the DSF’s electric metering unit:
- Adjustment of the speed by electric motor and radar
- Electronic control case and management of the seeder
- Anticipated start-up
- Modulation of the amount of work
- Automatic throughput test

DSF 1600/2200


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Hopper capacity: 1600 or 2200 L
Pneumatic distribution of seeds by air flow
Speed determined by radar or GPS
Hydraulic driven fan, engine 6 cm³
Fan specifications :
- 180 / 200 bar
- P = 8,1kW
- 30 l/min
- Air pressure = 80-90mB maxi.
Hopper width: 2,20 m
Warning kit with reflective plates and lamps
Seeding control box «A-Manager» ISOBUS


  DSF 1600 DSF 2200
Hopper Capacity (L) 1600 1600 2200 2200
Number of outlets 2x90 mm 4x70 mm 2x90 mm 4x70 mm
Weight (kg) 850 885
Flow rate (max.) 1600 L/h 1600 L/h
Distribution heads 2 x 10 or 16 or 24 outlets 2 x 10 or 16 or 24 outlets

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