Largeur de travail
4 to 9 m
16,7 cm
Besoin de puissance pour tracter
120 to 230 ch

The Vibrosem is an inline seeder with tines and 4 rows of vibrating tines, equipped with seeding elements. It is available in 3 and 6 meters, which is more multipurpose than a classic seeder with shares.

TCS Seeder with efficient tines and cost-effective

In addition to being able to be equipped with a front seeding ramp in order to be associated with a seeding for seeding cover crops, Agrisem has developed the Vibrosem seeder, which has all the characteristics of the Vibromulch and Biomulch models, but specialises in TCS seeding.

  • High work rate and low power requirement
  • High quality seeding even in dry or stony soil
  • Large clearance for passage over crop residues.
  • 3D security tine ideal for direct drilling combined with fine point share
  • Ideal partner for the DSF and DSA double hoppers, allowing the application of localised fertiliser during seeding

Vibrosem SD

The Vibrosem SD is designed for customers looking for an efficient and robust direct sowing. It has a 4 beam 80×80 frame with 30×30 3D security on which a straight descent. It is available in a mounted version of 4 to 7 m and a trailed version of 6 to 9 m.

Thanks to the compartmentalised front/rear hoppers, the combination of seeds or fertilisers is possible. The machine can be equipped with a roller or support wheels with a harrow comb.

The design and fineness of the coulter allows sowing directly behind stubble without difficulty in closing the furrow. The Vibrosem can be equipped with a number of options, such as circular coulters.


Tines with 3D security 30x30 mm

Gęsiostopka na wszystkich zębach

4,00 m 5,00 m 6,00 m
Transport width (m) 3,00 3,00 3,00
Power req. mini-maxi (ch) 120 - 160 140 - 200 160 - 230
Number of tines 24 30 36