DSF 1600 / 2200

1600 - 2200 L
1600 L/H
850 to 885 Kg

DSF 1600 and 2200 are hoppers with respective capacities of 1600 and 2200 liters compatible with ISOBUS.

They can be compartmentalized to allow the addition of fertilizer during sowing. The distributions are made of stainless steel with spline.

The double-compartment hopper, a solution adapted to every need. DSF 1600/2200 front hoppers can optionally be partitioned with an independent electric drive for each metering unit.

This allow to distribute 2 products whose quantity, grain size and density are totally different.

2 compartiments

The entire hopper can be devoted to the distribution of fertilizer at a large volume such as fertilization on the seed line with a precision planter or a strip-till.

2 compartiments

The 2 compartments can be used to distribute 2 different types of fertilizer for precise management of fertilization according to the different elements (N-P-K)

2 compartiments

The user can use his hopper to carry out sowing and localized fertilization in a single pass.

2 compartiments

The entire hopper can be used for sowing in the conventional way to optimize the tank capacity and increase the work rate with greater autonomy.

2 compartiments

The 2 metering units can also be used for the sowing of very different associated crops without having to mix them and thus optimize the precision, the spline settings and the soil settings.


  • Optimization of the fertilizer provided by limiting the risk of evaporation or burning of the plant.
  • Optimal availability for the plant with the fertilizer dissolved in the soil available to the roots even in dry conditions.
  • Possibility of fertilizing only near the plant to ensure better domination against weeds.
  • This phenomenon is even more marked in Conservation Agriculture where the organic matter of cover crop can create nitrogen hunger on the surface and in the row which will penalize the emergence of weeds.
  • Better plant start-up, increased number of ears and improved yield.
  • Possible reduction in the amount of fertilizer added due to the better consumption of the fertilizer.
  • Save time by reducing one pass.
  • Reduced risk of air pollution (by evaporation) and water in the event of runoff.


  • Stainless steel metering unit as standard with dosing by splines and agitator system allowing the efficient distribution of the main types of fertilizer, whether dusty or not, with a tendency to agglomerate or not, or very light such as corks organic fertilizer.
  • Easy loading due to the wide and flared hopper and large opening by rolling up the cover tarpaulin.  This allows direct loading with the bucket or with a suitable trailer. Rolled up tarpaulin is safe and does not risk being damaged when approaching the bucket or big-bags.
  • Upper hopper grid to effectively prevent any risk of blockage due to blocks or torn piece of bag.
  • Possibility of using a front ramp associated with the DSF to place the fertilizer in full with spark gaps or located on the sowing lines with straight descents.
  • Dose control system allows the dose to be modulated during use.


The design of the hopper has been specially studied to offer the best possible visibility due to the plunging shape towards the front.

The size of the DSF is also the most compact on the market while offering a large capacity for more autonomy. The user can also choose the way of the pipes he prefers, to the right of the tractor or between the wheels. At work, the air pressure and hopper level indicators are continuously visible from the operator's station.

The DSF are also equipped with reflective panels, headlights, position lights and warning lights to ensure safe transport. LED work lights are also available as well as an analog camera.


The use of the front hopper ensures optimum tractor balance without the need for heavy ballasting at the front of the tractor. To improve weight distribution, DSF 1600/2200 can be optionally fitted with the directional front-pack fitted with 4 Ø840x300mm wheels. If necessary, a kit of additional masses (8x35kg) can be added.

The DSF 1600/2200 front hoppers are equipped with 2 stainless steel volumetric metering unit with spline which allow the distribution of the main types of seeds, fertilizers and cover crop. They are equipped with an adjustable spoon system and an agitator to ensure efficient filling and protect the most fragile seeds.

Les trémies frontales.

Front ramp kit


  • Easy hitching without hoses to connect to the tractor
  • No equipment to add on the rear tool
  • Possibility of use with different tools
  • Excellent visibility on the seed boom
  • No risk of clogging by projections of soil
  • Optimal flow rate by reducing the length of pipes
  • Wiring of pipes with double spark gaps fertilizer / seed


  • Efficient DPAE flow regulation
  • ISOBUS connection
  • Regulation of the sowing rate
  • Automated calibration test
  • Tramline management
  • Forward speed measured by GPS receiver (or optional radar)
  • Pre-start lunching
  • Diagnostic mode
  • Management of 2 types of products at the same time
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Our range of front hoppers can be adapted to all AGRISEM seeding solutions. This allows year-round use and a hight level of profitability.

Spreading crops with rampe d’éclateurs
Seedling by Disc-o-Sem covering
Seedling TCS with Vibrosem tines
Direct drilling with Tri-O-Sem tines
Seedling Cipan with rampe d’éclateurs sur déchaumeur
Localized fertilization / seedling of cover crops with Stripcat
Seed line with a precision planter
Localized fertilization

Vidéo-DSF 1600/2200


Frontpack Kit

The optional Front-Pack kit allow to divide the loads during the work and thus lighten the front of the tractor. It is equipped with a system of self-directional pivots allowing the four large diameter wheels to follow the seed lines perfectly. It also allows an additional ballast (+ 460Kg) ensuring an additional load transfer for headland maneuvers.

Front ramp kit

The front ramp kit integrated into the front hopper allows to multiplicated uses: like intermediate sowing crops, localized fertilizer or spreading crops. This equipment is available in different width versions, with several types of spark gaps depending of the need.

Additional mass kit

This removable equipment makes it possible to ballast the front of the tractor (8x35Kg), in particular to ensure safe use with tools carried at the rear, while preserving grip on front wheels of the tractor.

Stainless steel hopper

In addition to the standard stainless steel metering unit, the hopper can also be made of stainless steel to avoid any risk of corrosion even during intensive use with fertilizer.


DSF 1600 DSF 2200
Hopper capacity (L) 1600 2200
Number of outlets 2x90 mm / 4x70 mm / 4x90 mm 2x90 mm / 4x70 mm / 4x90 mm
Weight (kg) 850 885
Flow rate 1600 L/h - 2800 L/h 1600 L/h - 2800 L/h
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