Biomulch trailed 6/8/9 m

3 to 10 cm
Largeur de travail
6 to 9 m
Besoin de puissance pour tracter
180 to 360 ch

The Biomulch trailed is a scalper with 5 rows of tines,  specific for mechanical weed control, by its precise surface work for scalping weeds and plant cover, and for false seeding from 3 to 10 cm deep.



With the characteristics of the tines with which it is equipped, their ventilated arrangement on the frame and its equipment, this makes it efficiently for the most varied works such as:

  • Scalping and / or false / sowing by the mechanical destruction of weeds from 2 to 12cm
  • Shallow stubble cultivation with the distribution and management of crop residues.
  • Opening for aeration and heating of the soil for the preparation of spring crops.
  • Leveling and refinement for the preparation of a seedbed with optimal conditions for seed germination.
  • Sowing in TCS of CIPAN or crops with specific equipment.


  • Exclusive profile ensuring maximum travel for difficult conditions and in the presence of stones
  • Percussion / vibration effect created by the "pigtail" spring which improves the power of penetration in hard ground and crumbling
  • Curved shape for intensive mixing of residues
  • Efficient frame clamping system
  • Suitable for first stubble cultivation and resumption of plowing

Progressive spacing

The Biomulch 6 ; 8 and 9m trailed is equipped with 5 rows of tines mounted on 80x80mm section beams offering a clearance of 60cm under the frame. The spacing of rows is progressive and allows a better clearance on the last rows chere the flow of soil and mixed residues is the most important.



BIOMULCH, allows the realization of a quality false sowing, can be one of the way to reducing inputs in weed management.

Reducing mechanization costs and profitability the main advantages:

  • Efficient stubble cultivation, at high forward speeds (up to 12Km / h) which allows high work rates.
  • A limited need for power and fuel, which make it an economical machine.
  • The simplicity of concept which limits maintenance to the replacement of wearing parts.
  • The lower investment than most stubble cultivators.
  • An additional role of sowing when combined with a hopper.

Levelled work without replanting

The 3 rows harrow of Ø13mm  with big clearance allow the soil to be levelled without the risk of stuffing or weed subbing .

When a roller is sometimes limited in wet conditions, the 3 rows harrow kit can be used.


2 points toggling hitchand hydraulic drawbar

2 points toggling hitchand mecanical drawbar

Deflector kit

Transport wheels RADIAL 500/50R17

Coupling ball K80 type

6,00 m 8,00 m 9,00 m
Transport width (m) 3 3 3
Power req. (hp) 180 - 240 240 - 320 270 - 360
Weight with harrow (kg) 4900 5400 5600
Number of tines 36 48 54
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Biomulch mounted

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Vibromulch trailed 6/8/9 m

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