Turbomulch extra

0 to 8 cm
Largeur de travail
6 to 9 m
Besoin de puissance pour tracter
130 to 230 ch

The Turbomulch is the new range of stubble harrows developed by AGRISEM for surface residue management.

Turbomulch-Extra-dessin BE


Tines angle of the 5-row harrow can be adjusted hydraulically from the tractor’s cabin. The last two rows can also have a different working angle, in order to perform more or less aggressive finishing work.

The hydraulic adjustment ensures precise adjustment of the working depth and rapid tine lifting in wet areas.


The Turbomulch frame is designed to withstand the contrainte high speed use, by particular to oversized cylinders which stiffen the chassis at work.

For transport, the Turbomulch is equipped with an automatic locking system as standard by dint of  latches hydraulically operated.


A “Cutter” roller with sharp blades can also be mounted on the front for perfect work, for example on rapeseed or sunflower stubble. This “Cutter” roller crushes and breaks the stems which are then mixed with the soil surface by the tines.


The Turbomulch can  be equipped  with 2 rows of Ø400mm tangential profile discs, for more intensive work of cutting residues and pulling stubble.  This also makes it possible to project a slight flow of land to create an optimal spreading of harvest residues.

The 5-row harrow

The Turbomulch has 5 -rows of tines (length 760mm and Ø16mm)

with a large clearance and a high covering capacity which guarantee a good distribution of the material on the all worked surface .

The large distance between the beams as well that the subframe height of 570mm facilitates the circulation of waste cycle.

This harrow allows a rapid creation of a false drilling and a good distribution of the straws over the entire width

The stubble harrow is also an efficient tool in reducing slug populations by destroying adults and promoting to eggs on the sun exposure.


  • Turbomulch is perfect to achieve a quality spreading of post-harvest residues with a low fuel consumption and power needs.
  • The large operating width of the Agrisem straw-harrow and high working speed obtain significant daily outputs with the machine.
  • Without roller, the machine evolves in every working conditions such as wet weather.
  • This machine can be considered as the first step for a farmer who want to move to a responsible crop management by cuttings pesticides.
  • Less herbicides through a better weeds management and less slug pellets through a better slug eggs management.
  • The Turbomulch has also an important role to play while moving from minimum tillage to direct drilling

6,00 m 7,50 m 9,00 m
Transport width (m) 3 3 3
Weight (kg) 3450 4540 5975
Power req. mini-maxi (hp) 130 - 180 145 - 195 180 - 230
Number of discs 53 65 81
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