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The relay-cropping specialist


A made-to-measure precision seed drill


Cracking work by excellence


Choose the GOLD or SERIE R mulching disc


Discover our products to tillage and conservation farming.

To meet the indivdual needs of each farmer and the specific challenges of each farm, Agrisem offers wide range machines with solutions for individual needs.


  • Plow Range Cracking and loosening
  • Mulch Range Stubble cultivation and soil preparation
  • Conservation farming Seeding direct / Strip-Till

A solution for every need

Our tillage machines are designed to give optimum results to meet the most demanding needs.


  • Sem Range Seeding and fertilization
  • Hoppers Range Front and rear hoppers
  • Conservation farming Seeding direct

A solution for each implantation technique

Versatility, precision and performance are the hallmarks of our range of hoppers and machines dedicated to planting, sowing and fertilizing.


  • Animated tools Rotative harrow
  • Mulch Range Cracking and loosening
  • Plow Range Stubble cultivation and soil preparation
  • Semis

The special vine range

The vine range and its agronomic benefits adapted to the specificities of viticulture.

Conservation farming

Limit the erosier

Optimise the cover crops for soil fertility raising and reduce the chemicals : these are the objectives of our range conservation farming.


AGRISEM is a French company, a leader in the design, production and sale of “TCS” implements for cultivation and sowing.


Each element is designed for the specificity and technique of the machine.

Our team, close to the field and passionate about agriculture, is sensitive to agronomic and environmental issues, as it is mainly made up of farmers. We provide our know-how.

The carbide solution

Thanks to the know-how and technology of our partner, AGRISEM offers the best components.

Pneumatic suspension

Flexibility, precision, speed, regularity are the characteristics of the Strip-Till air suspension system.

SRE hub

Agrisem has developed its own hubs wich combine rubustness and longevity

3D Security

AGRISEM's experience has made it possible to develop and perfect a security that is unique on the market.

Stainless steel dispenser

The centerpiece of our front hoppers, the stainless steel metering unit ensures the performance of our seed drills.


The MY.AGRISEM service allows you to benefit from the advice and knowledge of our extensive network of technicians.


Agronomy is at the heart of our concerns.

AGRISEM designs machines with respect for and a desire for agro-ecological agriculture.

Everything is in the blade !

It is essential to maintain a soil structure conducive to root development, to the vertical circulation of water and air to ensure rapid growth of the plants, allowing them a strong resistance to external aggressions (climatic hazards, pests and weeds ). Naturally, biological activity will allow the soil to structure itself, but it is a […]

The importance of not disturbance horizons

The succession of vertical water circulation in the soil on the one hand, the slow alteration of the bedrock and, in particular, the accumulation and degradation of the organic matter brought in by the various crops, have made it possible to organise the soil into horizontal layers called horizons. Regardless of the type of soil, […]

The secret of the TCS blade

Loosening the soil without upsetting horizons, the secret of the TCS blade The exclusive technology of the AGRISEM offset point blade makes it possible to crack the ground without upsetting the horizons.The fine point, positioned at the front, will allow penetration into hard and compacted soil, and its sharpening angle allows to break the plow […]



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