Largeur de travail
1,20 to 2,20 m
10 to 25 cm
Besoin de puissance pour tracter
55 to 110 ch

Cultivigne is a soil loosener specially developed for vineyards. The 120×120 mm single-beam frame supports a roller that compacts the coil and controls the working depth.

These blades designed and developed by Agrisem, alow the soil to be loosened without disturbing the horizons. The cracking of the soil favours root development and water supply.

Restructuring without upheaval

The patented offset blade lifts the soil in a wave, creating a vertical crack. The lifting of the soil strip is homogeneous over the entire working width, and it is then redeposited without disrupting the horizons. This keeps the fertile elements, including organic matter, on the surface. The soil is so little disturbed that it is possible to ensure cracking and leveling of the soil, while keeping the grassing or cover in place.

Depending on the work required, whether it is cracking or decompacting, it is possible to equip the machine with the TCS 20×590 blade or the TCS 15×550 blade.

TCS Blade 15x550

- Decompacting 10-25 cm
- Carbide reinforced base CARBI-PROTECT - Removable base

TCS Blade 20x590

- cracking 10-25 cm < br / > - Carbide reinforced leading edge and coulters < br / > - Removable coulter

Use of a cage roller

For solo work, the Cultivator is equipped with a cage roller for depth control and soil closure.

1,20 m 1,50 m 1,70 m 2,20 m
Weight with roller (kg) 310 340 370 430
Power mini-maxi (hp) 55 - 90 60 - 95 65 - 100 70 - 110
Number of TCS blades 20x590 3 4 4 5
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