Cultiplow Platinum HD

Pronfondeur de travail
15 to 45 cm
Largeur de travail
3 to 4 m
Besoin de puissance pour tracter
150 to 400 ch

Cultiplow Platinum foldable is available in 3 and 4 m fixed versions. It is a solo loosener equipped with TCS 750 HD offset blades and shear-bolt, auto-reset security or hydraulic.

Robust frame

The Cultiplow Platinum HD is a subsoiler specially designed for difficult conditions and heavy soils. It is equipped with a robust chassis, designed for high-powered tractors up to 400 ch.

TCS 750HD blades

It receives the TCS 750HD blades, adapted to clay soils, even if they are very dry. They are protected by high clearance, shear bolt, or non-stop spring or hydraulic safety devices.

And a roller in the back

At the rear, the working depth is controlled by either a cage roller, a T or U profile roller, a steel or double spiked roller. To complete the vertical cracking, by a superficial work, the Combimulch associates the roller for the depth control, to a row of independent discs.

Cage roller Ø526

T-Sem roller Ø620

U-SEM roller Ø580

Steel-pack roller Ø600

Double spike roller

Combimulch 35

Extra cost for lamps

3,00 m 4,00 m
Transport width (m) 3,00 4,00
Power mini-maxi (ch) 150 - 350 200 - 400
Number of blades 4 6
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