Disc-O-Vigne X

Besoin de puissance pour tracter
40 to 110 ch
Largeur de travail
1,20 to 2,40 m
Mulcheurs Ø510 mm

Disc-O-Vigne is a disc stubble breaker specially design for working the tillage in vineyards. 

Disc-O-Vigne is particularly suitable for inter-row weeding with a perfect levelling of the soil for an easy passage with an staddler.

Disc-O-Vigne X - BE

The know-how of a TCS specialist adapted for viticulture

The Disc-O-Vigne is Agrisem’s know-how, which has built its reputation on its surface stubble breaking tools and its devices for fissuring without disrupting the soil horizons. The main components of which it is composed have already been tested on the brand’s stubble breaking machines such as :

  • 3D security with percussion effect for optimum disc penetration even on hard ground
  • Mulcher discs whose exclusive profile and sharpening provide unparalleled cutting power and residue mixing.
  • The offset blades lift the soil to loosen the soil without turning over the horizons, thus limiting the risk of erosion and maintaining surface fertility.
  • Sealed hubs with double-row angular contact ball bearings and cassette seals, used on Disc-O-Mulch.

Strong levelling power

The two rows of Mulcher discs, whose angles have been adjusted for a better compromise between penetration and scalping capacity, allow excellent levelling, which can be improved by the action of the blades at the front. It is also possible to equip the machine with the toothed bar roller for more crumbling, or with the V-Sem roller to obtain the recompacted result.

Unparalleled throughput

Thanks to its spring-mounted percussion disc system, the Disc-O-Vigne retains its stability and efficiency at high speeds, allowing for an incomparable work rate. This is a key parameter for controlling costs and workin

Unparalleled manoeuvrability

For quick turnarounds even in tight spaces, the Disc-O-Vigne has a hydraulic folding system that reduces the overhang.

The 3-in-1 cover crop specialist

With the DS200 pneumatic seeder, Disc-O-Vigne becomes an all-in-one machine for the management of cover crop, both for surface preparation, for rapid seeding and for the destruction of the cover.

Minimal maintenance

Agrisem develops machines for intensive and daily use. The maintenance of the Disc-O-Vine is reduced to only two greasing points on the hydraulic folding cylinder. The disc hubs, like the roller bearings, are equipped with multi-lip seals and protection devices to ensure a perfect seal throughout their service life.


Disc-O-Vigne is equipped with a generously dimensioned welded frame with two 100x100mm beams arranged with ample clearance for the passage of residues. The CAT.1 and 2 monobloc headstock is designed to receive splitting blades and hydraulic frame folding.

3D security and Mulcher discs

Disc-O-Vigne is equipped as standard with 2 rows of Ø510mm Mulcher discs, mounted on 3D security and SR maintenance-free hub.


Depending on the conditions of use, the type of floor, and the desired finish, it is possible to choose between 2 rollers.

The choice of rollers is available below.

Front blades

To combine surface work with a cracking action, the machine can be equipped with one, two or three blades with offset tips.


When equipped with the DS200, the Disc-O-Vigne becomes an efficient machine for the rapid seeding of cover crop.

Additional discs

Disc-O-Vigne can be adapted to the farm and to changes in planting by adding 4 extra discs to enlarge the machine.


1,22 m 1,45 m 1,68 m 1,91 m 2,38 m
Power mini-maxi (hp) 40 - 80 45 - 85 55 - 95 60 - 100 70 - 110
Number of discs Ø510 6 8 10 12 16
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