Vibrosem Viti

Largeur de travail
From 1,32 to 2,20 m
22 cm

AGRISEM is now expanding its range by proposing a dedicated version for seeding the large vineyard’s inter-row. The vineyard tine seeder Vibrosem Viti is a seeder using the 3D security technology « Pigtail tine » with a triple spirale, already present on the Vibrosem series.

Vibrosem Viti


For the specific needs of direct drilling, the tine is equipped with a 12mm fine point share, whose angle and shape have been developped specifically to reduce soil disturbance. Ensuring a precise seeds placement in a residue-free furrow. The percussion of the tine ensures the creation of the minimum amount of fine soil necessary for germination. The front of the point is fitted with sharpened carbide inserts for greater wear resistance. For users wishing to use the machine on prepared soil, it is also possible to fit more flexible plowshares and seed tubes.


The vineyard tine seeder Vibrosem Viti is based on a 3-row modular frame, allowing the scalable installation of 6, 8 or 10 tines, with a row spacing of 22cm. Depth control is provided either by support wheels, or by a rubber roller with profile or cage. Thanks to its large underframe clearance (60cm) and the spacing between rows of tines, the Biomulch Viti is at ease in heavy residue situations, avoiding blockages. Finally, a 1-row or 2-row harrow is available as an option, to level and close the furrow for optimum finishing work.


To ensure seeding even when the soil is already covered with grass, or for seeding a second cover crop, the seed drill can be fitted with Turbo circular coulters, which cut residues in front of each tine. They are centrally adjustable, allowing them to be retracted if required.


The seeder can be fitted with 3 models of pneumatic hopper: 200L, 500L or 2x150L. An electric blower is installed on the 200L version, while the 500L hopper and the 2x150L double product version are equipped with a hydraulically-driven blower to ensure sufficient flow of large seeds and/or fertilizer.

The seed distribution system is electrically operated, and can be fitted with a optional Flow Rate Proportional to the Electronic advance management, with a speed control radar, or with information relayed from the tractor. The 2x150L dual-product version can also be fitted with side-shooters for broadcast seeding between vines.



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