Cultiplow Platinum Rigid

Pronfondeur de travail
15 to 45 cm
Largeur de travail
2,50 to 4 m
Besoin de puissance pour tracter
90 to 250 ch

CULTIPLOW® is a solo subsoiler using a unique decompaction concept. The machine is equipped with blades with offset point, technology patented by AGRISEM ensuring optimal decompaction over the entire width.

CULTIPLOW® loosens without mixing the soil horizons, to keep the fertility of the upper horizons. This machine can be used to help the transition to conservation techniques and direct seeding.

All the advantages of the TCS blade for subsoiling

  • The exclusive AGRISEM offset-point blade technology makes it possible to crack the ground without disturbing the horizons.
  • The fine point, positioned at the front, will allow penetration in hard and compacted soil, and its sharpening angle allows to break the plow pan.
  • Moving through the ground, the fin gradually lifts the ground, forming a “wave” effect.
  • There is no disturbance of soil horizons and all fertility and organic matter are retained on the surface

Heavy duty frame resistant to stress

Cultiplow platinum is equipped with an oversized 200x200mm single-beam chassis with a 3-point Category 3 coupling hitch, allowing the torque of the most powerful tractors to be transmitted serenely. It also offers a large clearance (100cm).

For each use him Cultiplow

Cultiplow Platinum can optionally be fitted with shear bolt or non-stop spring or hydraulic safety blades. These safeties are designed to provide ample clearance to ensure quick and complete blade clearance in the event of an obstacle. It is also possible to position the blades in line or alternately to provide more space for the passage of stubble.

Bolted wear parts

The blade, made from the hardest and most resistant steels (type Hardox® 500) is protected at the front by interchangeable leading edges. These can be fitted with carbide inserts and, for extreme conditions with particularly worn soils, the blade can be reloaded on the sides. The share, made as a foundry part, is interlocked on the blade base in a self-locking manner and then held by a bolt at the rear. The blade base and the retaining bolt are thus completely protected from the risk of wear.

Carbide protection

The shares, which have a reinforced tip as standard, can also be fitted with tungsten carbide inserts either only on the tip or completely on the tip and aileron with the Easy-Protect interchangeable tip version. AGRISEM has chosen to use exclusive BETEK carbide inserts with feedback which ensure the best resistance to wear and impact against stones.


Cultiplow Platinum is equipped with a folding frame with double beams (160 & 200mm) which ensure great strength, allowing to endure a high pulling torque under difficult conditions.

Circular cutters

As an option, circular cutters can be fitted to the front of each blade to reduce soil disturbance and improve passage in the presence of residues.

TCS blades

Cultiplow Platinum is equipped with TCS 750 offset point blades allowing loosening by lifting the soil without disturbing it.

Additional blades

For perfect work on very light soils and at shallow depths, the rotary cultivator can be equipped with additional blades, mounted in staggered rows to avoid the risk of blockages.

Shear bolt safety

The shear bolt safety system provides simple and effective protection of wearing parts in the event of encountering rocks or obstacles in the ground.

Non-stop spring safety

For soils with lots of rock, Non-Stop spring safety system allows quick and efficient blade removal, and immediate return without any user operation.

Non-stop hydraulic safety

The Non-Stop hydraulic system is generously dimensioned to ensure sufficient clearance thanks to its individual accumulators, and also to adapt the release threshold to soil conditions.


Different rollers are available, depending on the conditions of use, the type of floor, and the desired finish.

The rollers available with this machine are shown below. 


Cage roller Ø526

T-Sem roller Ø620

U-SEM roller Ø580

Steel-pack roller Ø600

Double Spike roller

Combimulch 35

Coupling pins cat. N°2

Extra cost for lamps

2,50 m 3,00 m 3,50 m 4,00 m
Transport width (m) 2,50 3,00 3,50 4,00
Power mini-maxi (hp) 90 - 180 110 - 210 150 - 230 170 - 250
Number of blades 3 4 5 6
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