Combiplow Platinum SR

Pronfondeur de travail
15 to 35 cm
Charge maximum
3000 kg
Largeur de travail
3 to 4 m
Besoin de puissance pour tracter
100 to 265 ch

Combiplow Platinum is a combinable soil loosener : it has been designed to be inserted between the tractor and an implement such as a combination seeder, power harrow or tiller.

All the advantages of the TCS blade for subsoiling

  • The exclusive AGRISEM offset-point blade technology makes it possible to crack the ground without disturbing the horizons.
  • The fine point, positioned at the front, will allow penetration in hard and compacted soil, and its sharpening angle allows to break the plow pan.
  • Moving through the ground, the fin gradually lifts the ground, forming a “wave” effect.
  • There is no disturbance of soil horizons and all fertility and organic matter are retained on the surface

Bridged frame

Combiplow Platinum is equipped with an oversized bridged frame with a rear 3-point linkage. It leaves a large, unobstructed drive shaft passage for the rear implement, with good accessibility for the hitch.

The 6 blades models can be fitted with a retractable system that reduces the transport width.

Retractable hitch

Combiplow is equipped with a rear linkage with articulated arms and position stops. This system offers excellent compactness when lifting the machine, reducing the overhang and stress on the tractor’s hitch. When in use, the hitch arms articulate in a parallelogram pattern to provide maximum clearance.

Bolted wear parts

The blade, made from the hardest and most resistant steels (type Hardox® 500) is protected at the front by interchangeable leading edges. These can be fitted with carbide inserts and, for extreme conditions with particularly worn soils, the blade can be reloaded on the sides. The share, made as a foundry part, is interlocked on the blade base in a self-locking manner and then held by a bolt at the rear. The blade base and the retaining bolt are thus completely protected from the risk of wear.

Carbide protection

The shares, which have a reinforced tip as standard, can also be fitted with tungsten carbide inserts either only on the tip or completely on the tip and aileron with the Easy-Protect interchangeable tip version. AGRISEM has chosen to use exclusive BETEK carbide inserts with feedback which ensure the best resistance to wear and impact against stones.

Cage roller Ø526

Combimulch 35

Steel-pack roller Ø600

Extra cost for lamps

3,00 m 4,00 m 3,50 m 4,00 m
Type of model Rigid Rigid Hydraulic retractable Hydraulic retractable
Transport width (m) 2,30 3,90 3,00 3,00
Power mini - maxi 100 - 210 140 - 265 120 - 240 140 - 265
Number of blades 4 6 6 6
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