Disc-O-Mulch Serie R rigid

Mulcheurs Ø570 mm
3 to 12 cm
Largeur de travail
3 to 4 m
Besoin de puissance pour tracter
70 to 140 ch

The DISC-O-MULCH® Serie R has developed a new range «Top Soil Management» 2 to 5 cm.

This machine was design by AGRISEM to manage the hight surface residues. It ensures a good penetration and quality of work with mulcher discs.
It used to manage weeds and crop regrowth to accelerate the decomposition of residues and to quick and efficient stubble breaking.
The low weight of the machine ensures a seedbed after a rough preparation.


Performing on rapid shallow stubble cultivation, as well as cutting, distributing and mixing residues, or for destroying cover crop or false sowing, the Disc-o-Mulch R proves to be an excellent preparer of seedbed with its capabilities to heat, level and refine.


R-Series Disc-O-Mulch is equipped with discs mounted on individual safety devices suspended by elastomers. Their triangular shape ensures great rigidity and better support to the chassis, which reduces the risk of damage.

AGRISEM used maintenance-free hubs fitted with 2-row of oblique contact ball bearings and cassette seals.

Really ideal for superficial work at high speed (12-15 km / h).


Mulcher discs allow increased penetration in hard conditions as well as better mincing of weeds.

With mulcher discs, the result is visible: better mincing of residues, better mixing in all conditions and less sticky in wet soil. There is also a greater efficiency in the scalping of regrowth due to a homogeneous working depth.

They also retain their aggressive and sharp profile, thereby extending their useful life, combined to a specific heat treatment reducing wear.


R-Series Disc-O-Mulch is one of the lightest and most compact machines in its category, while allowing optimal efficiency and excellent penetration capacity in dry soil, due in particular to aggressive disc angles.

A large distance between the rows of discs, as well as a subframe clearance of 570mm, facilitate the movement of residues.


  • Rapid surface stubble cultivation is the basis of residue management process, post-harvest germination of grains and weeds.
  • Working soil surface increases the amount of organic matter on the surface, which one makes the soil more stable and thus increases water retention capacity of the soil.


R-Series Disc-O-Mulch is equipped of Ø570mm mulcher discs with aggressive profile for efficient stubble cultivation and intensive mixing of residues. On the sides, star discs limit side projections for an impeccable finish.


A wide choice of rollers is available, depending on the conditions of use, the type of floor, and the desired finish:

The rollers available with this machine are shown below. 

Rear harrow

For a good distribution of residues on the ground, to improve the destruction of weeds and avoid transplanting, a rear harrow is available as an option.

DS 200/500

By combining it with a DS200 / 500 seeder, Disc-O-Mulch R-Series becomes a powerful machine throughout intercropping, for stubble cultivation, false sowing, sowing of cover crop and their destruction.

Depth adjustment

Easy setting, working depth adjustment is controlled by hydraulic cylinders. This allow to control  the machine from the cab in areas where there are large quantities of residues.


To ensure the best strength and longevity without compromising lightness, Disc-O-Mulch R-Series is equipped with a one-piece tubular frame allowing excellent clearance and smooth passage for residue.


V-Sem roller Ø600

T-Sem roller Ø620

U-SEM roller Ø580

Double U-Sem Ø580

Cage roller Ø526 with finisher roller Ø460

Flexi-roll roller Ø600


Deflector kit

Coupling pins cat. N°3

Extra cost for lamps

3,00 m 3,50 m 4,00 m
Transport width (m) 3,00 3,50 4,00
Weight with Cage roller Ø450 (kg) 1290 1430 1615
Power req. mini-maxi (hp) 70 - 110 80 - 130 90 - 140
Number of discs 24 28 32
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