Largeur de travail
3 to 4 m
16.7 cm / 18.75 cm / 25 cm

The newborn of the ”BOSS” range, the mBOSS is a 3m fixed version, simple and compact. It is equipped with the same seeding units as the BOSS and can be fitted with a 50/50 compartmentalized hopper from 1600 to 3200 L and a third small hopper as an option.

The mBOSS: a fully equipped seed drill as standard

With a chassis made to measure with a rolling gauge of 2.99 m for France or a maximum of 4 m abroad, the mBOSS is equipped with all the standard options on the row.

Like the big ones but in “mini” format!

It can carry several types of double compartment hoppers from 1600 L to 3200 L, be equipped with an additional DS 200 hopper or a small seed incorporation hopper.

The dosing unit is electrically driven with a pneumatic transport system and a flap system for a differentiated distribution of 2 products.




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