Disc-O-Mulch Gold foldable mounted

Crenelated or mulcheurs Ø610 / 560 mm
5 to 15 cm
Largeur de travail
4 to 5 m
Besoin de puissance pour tracter
75 to 220 ch

Disc-O-Mulch Gold is an independent disc harrow that meets high performance needs.

Its characteristics make it suitable both for destroying crop residues and for preparing the seedbed at high working speeds.


Disc-O-Mulch Gold has been designed to provide the maximum clearance possible. It allows the machine to be used in the presence of large quantities of residues such as, behind grain corn, sunflower or to incorporate organic matter such as manure or cover crop.

  • Frame structure constructed from profiled metal parts allowing maximum space
  • Spacing of 1.07m between the rows of discs and 65cm under the chassis
  • Roller away from the 2nd row of discs to prevent soil projection onto it


Disc-O-Mulch are equipped with 3D AGRISEM percussion effect 35x35mm safety devices.

This security without pivot points and therefore maintenance-free, ensures an exceptional penetration force even in dry conditions and a work at homogeneous depth over the entire width.


The two rows of discs on Disc-O-Mulch Gold feature larger diameter discs at the front (610mm), and smaller at the rear (560mm as standard).

This assembly, exclusive to Agrisem, offers:

  • at the front more clearance for passage through residue and more wear reserve.
  • at the rear, the smaller discs spin faster to refine the soil more intensively.

For very worn soil conditions, Disc-O-Mulch Gold can be fitted with Ø610mm discs on both rows.


The mulching discs, available as an option on Disc-O-Mulch Gold, allow increased penetration in difficult conditions as well as better weed chopping.

With mulcher discs, the result is visible:

  • better hashing of residues
  • best mix in all conditions
  • less sticky in damp soil.

There is also a greater efficiency in the scalping of regrowth due to a homogeneous working depth.

They also retain their aggressive and sharp profile, thereby extending their useful life, associated with a specific heat treatment reducing wear.


The clod-breaking board patented by AGRISEM, offered as an option on Disc-O-Mulch Gold, channels the flow of soil between the two rows of discs. The clods burst against this crate which accentuates the crumbling, leveling and soil-straw mixing effect of the cultivator.

Its aggressiveness is adjustable according to the speed, residue and soil moisture conditions.


Disc-O-Mulch Gold stands out by its ease of use and handling. It has a rapid depth adjustment by Multistop pins (or hydraulic optional) and an articulated drawbar to optimize the tractor-tool connection.

Trailed Disc-O-Mulch Gold is equipped with oversized SRE hubs developed by AGRISEM to meet the most intensive use conditions. They are fitted with double row of oblique contact ball bearings with a diameter of 100mm, and a double cassette seal system for complete sealing.


For greater versatility and to make Disc-O-Mulch Gold the preeminent tool in the farm’s soil preparation system, from stubble cultivation to sowing through the management of cover crop, it can take on board:

  • A cover crop seeder DS200 / 500
  • A system of distribution head and pipes for sowing by covering.

The result is a high-performance seeder, capable of operating in conditions of residue and humidity, with an impressive work rate.


V-Sem roller Ø600

T-Sem roller Ø620

U-SEM roller Ø580

Flexi-roll roller Ø600

Cage roller Ø526 with finisher roller Ø460


Steel-pack roller Ø600

Deflector kit

Coupling pins cat. N°2

Extra cost for lamps

Hydraulic folding of roller

Retractable side disc to reduce transport width

4,00 m 4,50 m 5,00 m
Transport width (m) 3,00 3,00 3,00
Power req. mini-maxi (hp) 110 - 180 130 - 200 150 - 220
Number of discs 32 + 1 36 + 1 40 + 1
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