Maximulch Série 3 trailed

10 to 25 cm
Largeur de travail
4,50 to 6 m
Besoin de puissance pour tracter
180 to 350 ch

Maximulch Serie 3 is a tool that combines the functions of a loosener and a stubble

The trailed Maximulch Series 3 is an “all-in-one” machine, which combines shallow stubble cultivation and mulching action with deep cracking and loosening in one pass. It allows a high work rate and a reduction of the establishment costs. During summer conditions, it also helps to keep the soil cool by limiting evaporation, to secure germination and crop emergence.

The Maximulch Series 3 trailed disc harrow has the same features as the Disc-O-Mulch Gold independent disc harrow. These include the mounting of the discs on pigtail spring percussion locks and sealed hubs with Ø100mm double row angular contact ball bearings. As an option, mulching discs with a self-sharpening fluted profile can be fitted, increasing the capacity to cut plant debris and penetrate dry soil.

Between the first and second row of discs, the TCS 15×550 blades, arranged in staggered rows and protected by a Non-Stop spring or bolt safety device, loosen the soil to a depth of 15 to 30 cm without raising any blocks. The adjustment of the depth of the blades is hydraulic, and can be adjusted in the field, for example in areas of rocks or superficial soil.

At the rear, the roller presses and closes the soil, depending on the profile selected: cage, furrowing, steel, or T-V or U profiles single or double.

In spite of its high clearance and capacity, the Maximulch remains a handy and compact machine, with its axle positioned in front of the roller, and the different types of attachment to the tractor.


V-Sem roller Ø600

T-Sem roller Ø620

U-SEM roller Ø580

Double U-Sem Ø580

Flexi-roll roller Ø600

Cage roller Ø526 with finisher roller Ø460


Steel-pack roller Ø600

Flexi-pack roller Ø700

Deflector kit

Transport wheels RADIAL 500/45R22.5

2 points toggling hitchand hydraulic drawbar

2 points toggling hitchand mecanical drawbar

Coupling ball K80 type

Levelling harrow after roller

4,50 m 6,00
Transport width (m) 3,00 3,00
Power req. mini-maxi (hp) 180 - 240 250 - 350
Number of discs 36 + 1 48 + 1
Number of TCS blades 6 ou 8 8 ou 10
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