From 40 to 80 cm
Largeur de travail
From 3 to 12 m
From 4 to 24 rangs

The CHIEF precision planter is the result of 8 years of experience and development. It utilizes Precision Planting technology and addresses the current challenges faced by farmers.

The CHIEF, unmatched advantages:

  1. Yield Improvement: The CHIEF enables farmers to plant seeds at the optimal depth, spacing, and timing, resulting in more consistent plant emergence and improved crop yields
  2. Reduced input costs: With CHIEF, we optimize the quantity of seeds, fertilizers, and herbicides, resulting in cost savings.
  3. Better resource utilization: The CHIEF enables more efficient use of resources, including water and nutrients, resulting in more sustainable agricultural practices.
  4. Increased profitability: by improving crop yields and reducing input costs, the profitability of agricultural operations increases.
  5. Improved environmental sustainability: Precision seeding reduces input usage and optimizes resource utilization, enabling farmers to reduce their environmental impact and promote more sustainable agricultural practices.
  6. Reduction in labor needs: Precision seeding reduces the requirement for labor, enabling farmers to work more efficiently.


20/20® Generation 3 Seed Drill Controller

The decisions made at the time of sowing are crucial. Each stage of the crop cycle must have accurate data to provide guidance on the decisions to be made. With the right data, you make the right decisions in real-time, for the next season and for the future of your farm.

From Knowledge to Ultimate Control.

The 20|20 console can be used to provide you with the most accurate yield data in the field and to provide information for adjusting the planter to maximize your planting conditions. It can also control the most advanced agronomic systems on the market, which manage population, row unit pressure, liquid fertilizer application, planting of multiple hybrids, and high-speed planting. While monitoring the furrow, it assesses planting quality and controls the row unit pressure and downforce, as well as adjusting fertilizer placement or spraying.

The 20|20 does all of this and allows you to have precise data for making critical decisions while also automating equipment adjustments to optimize your decisions during each operation.

vSet2 ® Complete electrical selector

Traditional seed distributions require continuous adjustment for accurate sowing, leading to gaps, duplicates, and ultimately, yield loss. vSet seed distributions accurately separate seeds without any adjustments, enabling perfect seed placement across your entire field.


The performance of distribution is a key factor in overall performance.

Do you use seed treatments or inoculants? Are the seeds not always well calibrated? Achieving satisfactory planting precision is a must. Not all planters can handle these inconsistencies in seed shape, size, and density. vSet manages to achieve over 99% accuracy in corn!

vDrive ® Row by row cutting

vDrive is a maintenance-free electrical drive system that allows you to sow seeds easily without the issues of a mechanical drive system. You also control population density based on the potential of each area.



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