Agromulch Gold trailed 5/6/7,5/8 m

≈ 84 cm
5 to 25 cm
Largeur de travail
5 to 8 m
Besoin de puissance pour tracter
240 to 520 ch

The Agromulch Gold is a stubble breaking cultivator with 3 rows of tines equipped with shear-bolt or non-stop spring security.

This tine cultivator is suitable both for shallow stubble incorporation of crop residues in the soil and also for a deep soil preparation.

A versatile tool

The Agromulch is a tines tool versatile, with high clearance, whose technical characteristics give it great efficiency for the most varied works from 5 to 25cm deep such as:

  • Superficial stubble cultivation and distribution of straw.
  • Deep tillage and pseudo-plowing.
  • Mixing and incorporating crop residues and organic matter.
  • Mechanical destruction of weeds by scalping.
  • Deep cracking and loosening.
  • The formation of aerated ridges to facilitate the circulation of air and water during the winter period.
  • The application of fertilizer.

Intensive mix

With a spacing of about 30cm between the tips , with the powerful tines of the Agromulch allows optimal mixing of presence crop residue. Curved moldboards direct the flow of soil to rework part of it and improve mixing, while another part is deflected to the side for better leveling.

Non-stop spring security

With more than 500Kg of tips resistance and an actual travel of around 30cm, the Agromulch Gold tines ensure quality work in different soil conditions and maintain sufficient penetration capacity even in hard soils.

The safety devices are powerfully fixed to the frame using oblique cups and 4 bolts. The joints, protected by carbon fiber composite rings, don’t require regular maintenance.

Stubble breaking cultivator with tough tines anti used soils

For intensive use even in difficult conditions and in used  soils, the Agromulch is equipped with carbide-charged tips or, as an option, share with specific tungsten carbide plates, which offer incomparable strength even in the event of impact against stones.

This equipment, which allows you to divide the changes up to 10 times wear parts, is also available on the fins.

Preparation autumn withuot roller

Agromulch Gold Mounted axle, position in the center of the machine, can be used to control the working depth. Two tines are placed behind the wheels for uniform work even in sticky conditions. The machine can thus evolve without a roller for a preparation in aerated ridges in the fall.


Agrisem made the choice during designing the trailed Agromulch Gold mounted to position the machine axle between the third and fourth row of tines. This offers many advantages:

  • Wheels are advanced and maneuverability is better for headland maneuvers and road transport
  • At work, the axle is raised in the center of the machine and brings additional weight which improves penetration in dry soil, on the contrary cutscenes with rear cantilever axle
  • To raise the machine at the end of the field,
  • the axle is articulated with a short amplitude, allowing optimal responsiveness for maneuvering on large transport wheels (500 / 45-22.5)
  • Serial equipment on the machine, locking system of wing using hydraulically operated latches, can be completed with radial profile tires or LED road lighting, for safe driving on the road.


Agromulch has a long arrow which allows short maneuvers even with twin wheel tractors, as well as an additional ballast which ensures optimal adhesion to the tractor in all conditions

Coupling system

To match to preferences of each user,Agromulch is equipped with an articulated drawbar with mechanical or hydraulic adjustment, as well as different types of connection to the tractor, by ring, ball joint or by 2-point hitch.


Mechanically-welded one-piece  welded frame incorporating specific constraints to a trailed machine provides the basis for a more maneuverable machine for headland maneuvers and more  to meet the demands of heavy-duty use.

Leveling discs

Located after the last row of tines, the leveling discs mounted on elastomeric flange safety devices ensure a perfect rendering before the consolidation of the roller


A wide choice of rollers is available, depending on the conditions of use, the type of floor, and the desired finish.

The rollers available with this machine are shown below.

Hydraulic depth regulation

The machine’s working depth is regulated by hydraulic cylinders fitted with shims for precise control at the front wheels and rear roller.


The tines are arranged in 4 rows spaced apart to ensure a smooth passage even in the presence of heavy residues.

Using without roller

For a deep fall preparation in sticky conditions, the roller can be removed. The machine is controlled by the transport axle and the front wheels. The leveling discs allows you to adjust the final desired result.


V-Sem roller Ø600

T-Sem roller Ø620

U-SEM roller Ø580

Double U-Sem Ø580

Cage roller Ø526 with finisher roller Ø460

Steel-pack roller Ø600

Flexi-roll roller Ø600


Agroplow retracted point fissuring blade

Coupling ball K80 type

2 points toggling hitchand hydraulic drawbar

2 points toggling hitchand mecanical drawbar

Levelling harrow after roller

5,00 6,00 7,50 m 8,00 m
Transport width (m) 3,00 3,00 3,00 3,00
Power req. mini-maxi (hp) 240 - 300 280 - 360 350 - 450 400 - 520
Weight (kg) 7516 7870 9335 9630
Number of tines 17 19 25 27
Number of discs Ø460 10 12 14 16
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