The Mulcher Discs

The 6 strong points of

the Mulcher Disc

The Mulcher Discs have a grooved profile on all its working height which allows for maximum chopping of residues and increased penetration in difficult conditions.

They also retain their aggressive and sharp profile, allowing for a longer service life, combined with a specific heat treatment that reduces wear. 

  1. Maximum effectiveness in the presence of heavy residues
  2. Increased penetration force
  3. High quality materials, the quality of work remains unchanged with the wear of the disc
  4. Optimal cutting and mixing of residues due to its sharp profile
  5. Self-cleaning fluted design
  6. Self-sharpening profile

These discs are present on several AGRISEM machines such as the Disc-O-Mulch Série RDisc-O-Mulch GoldMaximulch et Disc-O-Vigne.

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3D security patented by AGRSIEM

Disc-O-Mulch Gold is equipped with 3 security system with percussion spring 35×35, patented by AGRISEM.  They offer a vibration and percussion effect through hard soils, allowing for unmatched dry soil penetration and crumbling.   Moreover, this security system allows the disc to retract laterally in the event of an impact with the stones. It is a […]

Element Serie R

Disc-O-Mulch Serie R is equipped with discs mounted on security system with individual triangular rubber suspension. Their triangular shape ensures great rigidity and better support to the frame, which reduces the risk of damage. A – Discs assembled one by one on the machine by means of an individual suspended arm : Higher penetration pressure Greater […]



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