The secret of the TCS blade

Loosening the soil without upsetting horizons, the secret of the TCS blade

The exclusive technology of the AGRISEM offset point blade makes it possible to crack the ground without upsetting the horizons.
The fine point, positioned at the front, will allow penetration into hard and compacted soil, and its sharpening angle allows to break the plow sole.
While advancing in the ground, the fin gradually raises the ground, forming a “wave” effect.
This is enough to create a network of vertical cracks that will restructure the soil, ensure infiltration and capillary rise, ensure soil warming and root development.

Secret de la lame TCS - photo

There is no disturbance of the soil horizons and all the fertility and organic matter are kept on the surface: the AGRISEM blade therefore respects the principles followed in Soil Conservation Agriculture.

The fact of not upsetting during cracking, also offers many advantages:

  • Possibility of use on meadows without destruction for regeneration to correct the structure after trampling, passage of gear in wet conditions, degradation by voles.
  • Possible use on young plant cover to structure the soil in the fall. No clod creation or raising of plastic blocks that are difficult to refine when preparing the seedbed.
  • No blown soil phenomenon and conservation of the mulch on the surface allowing the conservation of the freshness of the soil even in summer.
  • The worked surface remains flat and level, which allows use before direct sowing without any surface preparation.
  • The soil is loosened homogeneously and at identical depth over the entire width of the machine

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